What our children say...

“I like nursery because
I can play with
my friends.”


“I like finding the pirates treasure, I found the special scull with the red stones in it,
we made a map and
a treasure box.”


“I liked it when we went on the bus
to see the two baby horses.

Bree was my favourite, she was so cute.”


“I like when we have a concert and my mummy
and daddy come to watch.”


“I like going to the park, we go to lots of different parks,
sometimes we walk and sometimes we go in the teddy car.”


“I loved it when we went to the farm.”


“I like having a picnic
in the garden and
making a den.”


“I like nursery
because I can
play football with
my friends.”


Bear Care Day Nurseries Nottingam and Leicester

“I like making things,
we made a robot with boxes.

It was purple.

We called him Mike.”


Bear Care Day Nurseries

“We made a car wash and washed the teddy car,
I washed the wheels.”


“I like playing the water, sometimes it is red and sometimes it is blue.”


“I like racing on the scooters, we make a track.”


Bear Care Day Nurseries
Bear Care Day Nurseries
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What our children say

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