Benefits of Day Nurseries

Variety & Continuity

Day nurseries are great for giving children a variety of organised activities and for fostering important social skills, like sharing. Bear Care offers continuity of care for children and parents.

Social Skills & Confidence

Your child will have a chance to play and learn in a group and one-to-one with a member of staff. They will also benefit from playing with other children, as this can help them to gain confidence and develop their social skills.

Stable & Reliable

The big benefit is that you can rely on us to provide full time, hassle-free day care throughout the year. Day nurseries can be seen as a stable and reliable form of childcare , because the nursery will be open regardless of whether one carer is ill or late.

Flexible Child Care

As well as full-time day care, we offer shorter sessions, eg, a morning, afternoon, single day or half week, which may suit if you work part-time. We are very flexible.

A word from the owner

‘At bear care nurseries we aim for all children to reach their full potential in a warm caring, friendly environment.’

Bear Care owner, Janet Budden, prides herself on having a hands-on approach, and works at all of her nurseries to keep in touch with staff, parents and children. She previously was a Primary School Teacher, opened her first children’s day nursery in 1984 and is an active and founder member of the National Day Nurseries Association.

Bear Care Day Nurseries
Bear Care Day Nurseries
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