Our Aims

Safe & Secure

To provide a safe, caring environment for all children aged three months to eleven years, so they can make the first gradual step from the home into the nursery environment and subsequently the school community.

Social Integration

To meet other children and adults, other than the close family network, to begin to establish their independence and necessary social skills.

Early Development

To draw on the early years home experience; to compliment and supplement these experiences to continue the development of the whole child.

Personal Growth

To offer young children time and space to explore, experiment, reflect and develop at their own, individual pace, socially, intellectually and emotionally.

Challenging Experiences

To present young children with an appropriate range of challenging experiences to foster language and communication skills, concepts and skills in early mathematical and scientific activities, and opportunities for problem solving and logical thinking.

Personal CoOrdination

To provide learning experiences which promote manipulative and co-ordination skills to enable young children to develop with confidence and enthusiasm.

Tolerance & Understanding

To help young children be tolerant of other people’s feelings and tolerant of varied cultures with special needs and differences.

Environment Awareness

To assist the young child to understand and become familiar with a wide range of materials and resources.

Parental Collaboration

To share and exchange knowledge and skills with parents to increase understanding of young children’s needs and development.

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